Artists-Promotion started in late 2015. Motivated by our collective love for music, but aware of the difficulties involved in the music industry, our team knew we had to help.

We hated seeing artists lost in their career, not knowing where to start or how to be heard. We knew it would be a challenge, but we decided to dedicate our work to helping other artists grow their career and increase their confidence.


At first, we worked with only one artist until we achieved  success with him. We were able to increase his audience by over 20,000% and help him sign to the record label of his dreams.

Today we work closely with over 30 artists around the world, helping them reach their goals and giving them the confidence to dream bigger.


Our services are broad and are uniquely tailored to the different needs of the artist, as well as their budget.

Artists interested in low-budget services can enjoy audience exposure to their new song or video clip. They can also increase their audience in social networks and gain exposure on their new projects.

Artists interested in medium-budget services can enjoy a broad audience exposure, build their image, and automate their content for their target audiences.

Artists who can afford high-budget services will enjoy intense exposure and scale their brand and fanbase. They will fully automate their content and build a brand with 100% success on our part (your side is to keep making your music).

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