Artists-Promotion currently has two music distribution labels. The first is UNFILTERED SCAPE and the second is Simplify Atelier. You are invited to continue reading and learning about each of our labels.


In April 2023, artists-promotion (AuroraVisibility OU) established UNFILTERED SCAPE, an music label dedicated to promoting alternative music. It quickly gained recognition for its unconventional approach and commitment to artistic freedom.

UNFILTERED SCAPE became a sanctuary for artists seeking to break away from mainstream music and explore their unique styles. The label’s emphasis on individuality and creative expression attracted a diverse range of musicians from various genres.

Zimmer, a talented singer-songwriter with a haunting voice, was one of UNFILTERED SCAPE’s notable artists. With the label’s support, Zimmer released his debut album, “TALISMANS” which going to captivate audiences worldwide.

UNFILTERED SCAPE’s success in depend on innovative of our networking in the music industry.

UNFILTERED SCAPE stands as a testament to the power of passion and the unwavering pursuit of creative freedom. It remains a vital force in the alternative music scene, providing a platform for talented artists to thrive and giving listeners an alternative to the formulaic sounds of the mainstream.

In essence, UNFILTERED SCAPE is a label that champions alternative music, empowering artists to express their true selves and creating a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the raw and unfiltered beauty of music.

The distribution of the label is facilitated by AWAL (Sony).

In the the month of May 2023, artists-promotion (AuroraVisibility OU) established establish Simplify Atelier, a music label dedicated to nurturing and promoting the art of songwriting. Fueled by a shared love for the craft and a desire to provide a platform for emerging songwriters, the label embarked on a journey filled with hope and determination.

Simplify Atelier diligently sought out talented songwriters, welcoming them into their creative community. Artists who yearned to share their stories and emotions through their music found solace within the label’s nurturing environment. Together, they honed their songwriting skills, embracing the philosophy that simplicity could be a potent force in connecting with listeners.

Among the promising songwriters at Simplify Atelier was Mary Padberg, a young artist with a profound ability to weave heartfelt lyrics and delicate melodies. Her songs possessed an authenticity and vulnerability that resonated with those who heard them. Simplify Atelier recognized Olivia’s potential and provided her with the guidance and resources to refine her craft.

Simplify Atelier is a label which driven by a deep love for the art of songwriting. While it is just at his beggining yet, it a haven for emerging songwriters who seek to share their stories and emotions through their music. The label’s journey is a testament to the potential for growth and recognition that lies within the unwavering dedication to the craft.

The distribution of the label is facilitated by AWAL (Sony).