Create more reach for your Artist using our Spotify campaign.

How Does It work?

Creating your music promotion campaign is really simple.

Start Your Campaign

Go to down to the campaign sector

Fill Your Requirements

Pay for your campaign and get results

Pay and Receive

Pay for your campaign and get results


Why choose us?

99% of competitors use bots. With us you get listening from real users from the United States. Zero danger to your artist account. In addition, our prices are cheap. You get back from Spotify more or less the price you pay us but because you will get a lot of hearings it will affect your organic results and many more users will come to your music which means you will greatly increase your income and exposure to the audience!

1000 real listens for $5 (Direct to Profile)
10,000+ real listens for $4 per 1000 (Direct to Profile)
1000 real listens for $17 (Editorials)
10,000+ real listens for $16 per 1000 (Editorials)

Note –
After placing the order, we will check that everything is in order, and then send you payment instructions via the email you specified above.


And there is another option for you!

If you have copyright free music, you can send it to us and we will upload it to our AWAL Distributor account. We will take care of bringing listeners to your music at no cost to you. We will send you monthly reports. You will receive from us 30% of our net profits on your music! Just contact us.